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Your hearing affects your quality of life. If you can't hear clearly, you may have to ask others to repeat themselves or you may miss important details in a conversation. Fortunately, you can make your life more comfortable and independent through regular check-ups, customized hearing aids, and assistive listening devices. Come to Union Hearing Aid Centre for these devices and services.

Our History

Since 1922, Union Hearing Aid Centre has made the lives of Toronto’s hearing impaired residents a little easier with fitted hearing aids and other accessories. We began as Acousticon of Toronto under the direction of Lou Saad, who owned the centre until 1952. Then Peter and Margery Keller bought the office, changed the name, and extended services to children as well, making us one of the first paediatric hearing aid centre in Toronto.

Our Approach to Care

Over the course of your time with us, multiple members of our team will treat you. This approach effectively combines our team members’ expertise. Our team also includes members who speak Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Punjabi in addition to English.

We provide new patients, including young children, with hearing tests, and we continue our care for the rest of your life. After your initial hearing test, our staff will create a hearing aid and ear mold fitted to your ears and level of hearing impairment. We can even take impressions of the smallest and most difficult ears.

Our vast inventory of listening assistive products and accessories allows you to adapt to your life with hearing impairment. We’re the exclusive Canadian distributor for Cochlear® and Med-El® parts and accessories. Union Hearing Aid Centre is also one of the few medical centres that customizes adult and children’s hearing aids in Toronto.

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To learn more about services, call us at 416-364-2264.