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Established in 1922, Union Hearing Aid Centre has been providing excellent service to the hearing impaired community for over 90 years. Specializing in paediatrics, we are one of the only centres in Toronto to fit hearing aids for all ages. We also allow our patients the freedom to choose from all manufacturers and device styles with the assistance of a team of highly qualified professionals. In addition to carrying all hearing aid types and accessories, which include bone anchored hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids, FM and signalling devices, and deep fitting implantable devices, we are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for all Cochlear® and Med-El® parts and accessories. Our facility also has the latest in hearing testing and verification technologies which ensures an accurate fit each and every time.

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Our Approach to Care

Our team approach to patient care, which consists of senior audiologists and hearing instrument specialists, gives you many years of experience combined with multi-disciplinary knowledge. Our staff is also well versed in many languages including English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Punjabi. Although it is cost effective to have one professional deal with your needs from start to finish, it is our belief that fitting hearing aids with this team approach ensures the greatest amount of transparency and patient choice. Our goal and primary responsibility is to improve the quality of people’s lives by improving their hearing abilities in a holistic way. At Union Hearing Aid Centre, our cutting edge technology combined with our many years of experience provides the best outcomes for our patients.



"Since our son, Noah, was 2 months old, Union Hearing Centre has been a critical part of the team that has been working with him to learn how to listen and speak. Their expert advice helped us easily, quickly and effectively fit Noah with proper hearing aids and molds. When Noah received his cochlear implant, Union was there helping us rapidly replace parts or upgrade to the latest technology. Recently, Union advised us as to the best FM solutions for Noah who is bilaterally implanted. Not only are they extremely knowledgable about the latest trends in hearing technology, but they work closely with us to deal with our unique circumstances and immediately resolve any problems that emerge. They are also very actively involved in the deaf and hard of hearing community raising awareness of these issues and supporting the community. Their thoughtful, high quality personal attention, responsiveness and care for Noah and us have made Union a trusted partner in our son's development that we look forward to working with for a long time. "
Robert and Barbara Palter
"I have been a patient of Union Hearing Aid Center since 1993. I have always received exceptional service and I know that the staff is highly qualified in dealing with my hearing health care needs. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone seeking professional, personal and caring service at a reasonable cost."
Clare Lewis, Q.C.
"Being in the public eye, I was very self-conscious about getting a hearing aid. The staff at Union Hearing took extra time and care to make sure I have an aid that no one even notices! Thanks Union Hearing!"
Sandy R.
"In today's hustle and bustle I find it hard to find the time to drive into the city for repairs and supplies. They have such an excellent shipping service. All it takes is a phone call on a toll free line and usually the next day I have what my son needs!"
Carrie T.
"Being a physician myself, I have come to respect and depend on the people at Union Hearing. They are a valuable part of my own healthcare team. I know I can count on them for anything I need, anytime."
Dr. S.
"I had called around to a few other places in the city that sold hearing aids. Most were way over priced and didn't seem to be that knowledgeable. When I finally made the decision to visit Union Hearing, I wasn't sorry that I did."
Patrick L.
"When I finally admitted to myself I needed help with my hearing loss, I went to Union Hearing Aid Centre and they were great. They didn't use big medical terms that I couldn't understand. They made getting hearing aids reassuring and easy."
John S.
"Their service is top notch. I'm on the other side of the country and when I place an order, I always have my cochlear accessories shipped to me free of charge within a day or two"
Frank C.
"The hearing aids I was fitted with at UHAC have provided me with amplification, as I expected, but more importantly, in a sense, with crystal clarity. And no distortion."
Moe Davis
"Union Hearing is a great bunch! They treat my daughter and her disability with respect and the utmost care. She loves visiting them!"
Jennifer W.

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