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Dear Nick;

After all the years of exemplary service my patients have received from you and Chris and the late Peter Keller, I feel it appropriate to express my sincerest thanks.  Now that I have officially retired from practice, it is my pleasure to write this testimonial. As you know, I practiced Otolaryngology with an emphasis on ear and hearing disorders in children and adults from 1970 to 2015. During those years many of my patients required the fitting of hearing aids as well as ongoing maintenance of these devices and were fortunate enough to receive those services from you and your colleagues at Union Hearing Aid Centre. The feedback I received from my patients over the years regarding your attention to detail, kindness and sensitivity has always been extremely positive. Although I am no longer in practice, I am confident that they can look forward to many more years of the same fine quality of care for many years to come.

Many thanks and Best personal regards,

Jacob Friedberg BA MD FRCSC
Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Otolaryngology/H&N Sx, UofT


As you know, hearing loss can and often does result in a drop of self-esteem and confidence, which in turn causes social withdrawal and other emotional problems, especially with the elderly. Hence the need for compassionate, professional, honest and reliable audiologists.

I have dealt with Union for many years, having incurred hearing loss at a relatively young age, which impacted on my profession as a lawyer.

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that, while treating hearing loss is certainly not an exact science, nor should anyone expect it be,  Nick and Chris at Union and their professional colleagues, have delivered services to me which are unsurpassed and believe me when I say – they meet all of the above criteria. I wholeheartedly recommend them to others suffering from this problem.

Raymond Koskie, Q.C, Toronto


For twenty years I have relied on the team at Union Hearing Aid to help me achieve the best quality of hearing possible given the products available on the market. They have never let me down.  They have worked with me to determine the best solution to meet my needs and expectations.  As a result, I have minimized any work-related, social and at-home issues that one could experience as a result of hearing loss.  I have watched Nick and Chris grow Union Hearing Aid’s business through their unyielding  commitment to customer care,  professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of the many products and devices available in the market.  I can only wish that all service providers were as caring, dedicated, competent and nice as these two men and the team they have built around them.  I can’t imagine going to anyone else.  I recommend them without reservation to young and old alike.

 Elyse Allan, C.M.


Dear Union Hearing Aid Centre, 

I thank you for your kindness and your excellent service in helping me with my needs .  Having you and your caring staff to support me in dealing with my hearing impairment lessens the anxieties and the overall discomfiture associated with this condition, and I am so deeply grateful to have you all in my life.

Zdenka Paxton


I have been going to Union Hearing for over 15 years. Union Hearing continues to provide me with excellent service. It doesn’t matter what I need – hearing aid repairs, ear molds, last minute appointments, advice on buying the latest technology for my bilateral hearing loss – Union Hearing will always ensure my needs are met with professionalism and above-quality service. I have an extremely busy lifestyle, a family to care for, and I live in Woodbridge, Ontario – but no matter how far I need to travel, I will always go back to Union Hearing. Thank you for the wonderful service you continue to provide me.

Angelo Tocco


Union Hearing has become my go-to audiology clinic. I have found them to be highly expert and responsive to my needs, starting from initial hearing assessment, recommended hearing aids and after market care whenever needed. 

John Pepperell


In today’s fast paced world it is very difficult to find outstanding professionalism and excellent customer service.  But this is exactly what you will find at Union Hearing Aid Centre.  Nick Veronico and his team have demonstrated to me that they are experts in their field, that they take pride in all of their work (even in the smallest details), and that they never hesitate to take the extra step to ensure full customer satisfaction.  I didn’t want to wear hearing aid but I really needed them and now I am so glad that I went to see Nick!

Ed Maksimowski
A Completely Satisfied Customer


I became a client with Union Hearing Aid Centre about 6 years ago after living in the USA. I found this company through a mutual friend of mine and started using their services. When I got my first set of digital hearing aids, they lasted for about 5 years before getting new ones just recently as this is my second time getting the new hearing aids with only getting assistance from both Union Hearing and government funding. I have nothing but high praise and excellent staffs and owners of Chris & Nick helping me through a smooth and thorough process and taking the time to talk with me and making sure I understood everything from the beginning to the final stage and follow up. Excellent services; if l were to refer anyone it would be to go to Union Hearing Aid Centre for your needs!

Thank you for all your help!

Arthur Gunter


I have suffered from fairly severe hearing loss in the higher pitch sounds for many years.  I have consulted with at least three other hearing aid centers, and have had several aids. I have always used the “in the ear” style of aid and have had middling to poor success.  In fact I reached the point a number of years ago where I stopped wearing them at all except for meetings.  It was through using them in frustration at a meeting that I came to hear of this organization.  A friend and colleague of mine suggested that I see whether Union Hearing could help improve the situation.  So last November I made an appointment and met Stephanie Leutri.

My situation and requirements are rather unusual in that, not only do I have problems hearing conversation in crowds, meetings, where there is background noise or competing conversations nearby, trying to hear the TV, etc, but I also ride competitively in the equestrian discipline Dressage.  Now in Dressage Competitions the rider has a caller who is responsible for calling the moves that horse and rider must make.  Furthermore, the judge will ring a bell, or blow a whistle to start the test, or to stop it where an error has been made. Suffice it to say these are fairly high pitched sounds. Additionally, in the warm-up ring, or in coaching elsewhere, sometimes in windy conditions, the coach instructs the rider verbally.  Well, as you can imagine, I can’t hear any of this. In 2012, my coach and I appealed to Dressage Canada and I was granted permission to use a communication device in competition, provided there was a Steward standing next to the caller to ensure that not surreptitious instructions were being relayed.  As a follow-on to this and as a direct result of our appeal, the Rules Committee of Dressage Canada changed the rules at the end of 2012 and now one sees many riders using such devices in competition providing they can produce a medical certificate confirming that they have a hearing condition.

This is what Stephanie was confronted with when we met in November. We had several sessions and she had me try several solutions. Stephanie tried everything to improve this, tweaking the device, consulting with manufacturers, tweaking the coil receiver/transmitter, and on and on.

A new device was then recommended which showed great promise, and worked to a degree in a coaching session but the volume was weak. Undeterred, Stephanie pressed on.  We had two more sessions much tweaking and adjusting controls in the program, the device, the coil device and on it went.

Well I am delighted to report that it now works beautifully!  I can hear my coach from great distances, clearly and precisely through my aids in a vastly improved circumstance.  It is just incredibly freeing!

And that is not all!

The aids that I now have are orders of magnitude better than anything I have had before.  My life is transformed.  I hear conversation clearly in virtually all circumstances.  TV is a pleasure not a frustration; crowds don’t bother me as they did. Social interaction is easier and so therefore I participate rather than withdraw and resort to guessing what is being said.

One more beautiful story:

There is a piece of music (Cent Mille Chansons by French singer Frida Boccara) that I have loved for years.  My wife and I used to listen to it on quiet Sunday mornings when we first met and have enjoyed it ever since.  In fact I have listened to this music at least 3000 times over the last 35 years.  I am sure you can therefore imagine my astonishment when, shortly after I had the aids last November, I was listening to this music one morning and I heard a NEW INSTRUMENT!  Yes, there is a high  pitched flute playing in the foreground and I had never heard it before!  It was a fantastic moment and indeed illustrative of the huge difference in my life thanks to Union Hearing and Stephanie Leutri.

Stephanie has been so patient, so determined and so good at problem solving, while being absolutely great in attitude and demeanour through what must have been a highly frustrating set of sessions.  I cannot compliment her enough.


I would not hesitate to refer anyone.

With kind regards,
Peter Chiddy


I have known Nick Veronico for over twenty-five years in his capacity as a partner in Union Hearing. I came to know him through a colleague’s daughter, as Nick is an expert in pediatric hearing problems. During this time I have come to recognize his abilities beginning with his evident empathy with children; his sensitivity to their concerns, as well as to older clients, whose aging exacerbates deficiencies. Chris is well versed in his field, I would say a leader, actually. His knowledge is extensive, and he continues to upgrade that knowledge of equipment and alleviation of impairment.  Over the time I have known him, we have talked about a variety of things and I have come to value his opinions which are balanced and thoughtful. As partner in Union Hearing, he has sponsored ‘Hear Here’ a day event for children which combines exhibition of new technology with fair-like events. This has always been well attended and is emblematic of the responsibility and relationship Chris and his company maintain with hearing impaired children. He has been involved with the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children for years, as Nick has an uncanny ability and expertise working with children.

I have dealt with Union Hearing Aid for over twenty-five years. I came to know the company through a colleague’s daughter, as the company specializes in pediatric hearing problems. I find the technicians knowledgeable and very sensitive to the concerns of their clients. The staff are helpful and competent. The atmosphere of the place is positive; it is apparent that the people working there are committed to what they are doing, and aware of their importance in clients’ lives. As specialists and leaders in pediatric hearing they are exceptional with children. Each year they sponsor a day, ‘Hear Here’, which invites hearing impaired children and families to enjoy an outing with a fair-like atmosphere as well as the latest in hearing technology. Union Hearing has long had an important relationship with the Hospital for Sick Children, which acknowledges the company as expert in the field. 

Peter Silverman, Ph.D., O. Ont.

Annika for Testimonials under Dimitroff-Miller statement

“Annika has been coming to Union since she was diagnosed with her hearing loss. Chris and Nick have been an amazing support for our whole family as we learn about the best ways to have our daughter access sound and develop spoken language. 

We are so grateful for all that Union has done for us. Every time we come in, the whole staff is so welcoming and helpful. Annika loves coming in and Chris and Nick have helped us navigate the sometimes complicated world of hearing loss so much.”

Nicole and Kevin Miller

“I have been a patient of Union Hearing Aid Center since 1993. I have always received exceptional service and I know that the staff is highly qualified in dealing with my hearing health care needs. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone seeking professional, personal and caring service at a reasonable cost.”

Clare Lewis, Q.C.

“As a retired otolaryngologist, I have been familiar with Union Hearing for more than 3 decades, both as a company to which to refer my patients and as a client, for they have provided me with my own hearing aids since the late 1990s . I have found that Union provides an unfailing excellence of service, hard to match in any business anywhere. The owners and staff are always friendly, well informed and always willing to go that “extra mile”. It is important to me that they are an independent retailer and able to provide hearing instruments from a wide range of manufacturers and they are prepared to make changes during the trial period when required. They deal with many children, but now, in my senior years my contemporaries are the main group to whom I recommend Union, and they seem to be as pleased as I am and in turn recommend the company to their friends. It is a people friendly skilled company. I should disclose that I have no financial interest in the company.”

Dr. Peter W Alberti (retired).

“Since our son, Noah, was 2 months old, Union Hearing Centre has been a critical part of the team that has been working with him to learn how to listen and speak. Their expert advice helped us easily, quickly and effectively fit Noah with proper hearing aids and molds. When Noah received his cochlear implant, Union was there helping us rapidly replace parts or upgrade to the latest technology. Recently, Union advised us as to the best FM solutions for Noah who is bilaterally implanted. Not only are they extremely knowledgable about the latest trends in hearing technology, but they work closely with us to deal with our unique circumstances and immediately resolve any problems that emerge. They are also very actively involved in the deaf and hard of hearing community raising awareness of these issues and supporting the community. Their thoughtful, high quality personal attention, responsiveness and care for Noah and us have made Union a trusted partner in our son’s development that we look forward to working with for a long time. “

Robert and Barbara Palter

“Union Hearing is a great bunch! They treat my daughter and her disability with respect and the utmost care. She loves visiting them!”

Jennifer W.

“The hearing aids I was fitted with at UHAC have provided me with amplification, as I expected, but more importantly, in a sense, with crystal clarity. And no distortion.”

Moe Davis

“Their service is top notch. I’m on the other side of the country and when I place an order, I always have my cochlear accessories shipped to me free of charge within a day or two”

Frank C.

“I had called around to a few other places in the city that sold hearing aids. Most were way over priced and didn’t seem to be that knowledgeable. When I finally made the decision to visit Union Hearing, I wasn’t sorry that I did.”

Patrick L.

“Being a physician myself, I have come to respect and depend on the people at Union Hearing. They are a valuable part of my own healthcare team. I know I can count on them for anything I need, anytime.”

Dr. S.

“In today’s hustle and bustle I find it hard to find the time to drive into the city for repairs and supplies. They have such an excellent shipping service. All it takes is a phone call on a toll free line and usually the next day I have what my son needs!”

Carrie T.

“I want to thank Union Hearing for their complete service in testing me, recommending state of the art devices, allowing me to try them and fitting the final devices. They made a vast improvement in my hearing. Just as important is that the staff who worked with me genuinely cared about me and getting the best possible result for me. So thanks to all my friends at Union Hearing, Carol, Stephanie, Kinu and Amber.”

Paul Cozzi