Union Hearing Aid Centre is proud to have exclusively developed a custom modification to the traditional bone conduction hearing aid used for the treatment of hearing impairment associated with atresia, microtia, or auditory canal abnormalities.

This modified unit eliminates the use of a headband. This hearing aid is a great alternative to those individuals who do not wish to go the surgical route. For those who choose to proceed with the surgical route, this hearing aid is routinely used until all stages of surgical intervention are completed.

This hearing aid requires the bone oscillator to attach to the mastoid area with double sided tape. This tape can be purchased through our office. The hearing aid may be hung off the ear opposite to the bone oscillator or clipped to the users clothing using an alligator clip.

One must take special care with this instrument especially where the cord attaches to the jack. The jack can be ripped from the hearing aid quite easily if the cord is yanked.

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