bear with battery sizes


The performance of a hearing aid primarily depends on the type of hearing aid battery used. Just like any other electronic device, hearing aids require high quality batteries for optimal functionality.

How does one determine the quality of a battery?

Zinc air cells are most commonly used to operate hearing aids. It is recommended that multiple hole rather than a single hole battery be used with any hearing instrument. To find the air inlets, look at the top side of the battery. A single hole battery will only have one air inlet. A multiple hole battery will have anywhere from 2 to 6. The problem with single hole batteries is that the battery contacts within the hearing aid may occlude the air entry. This prevents the battery from receiving sufficient air exchange to operate. Without sufficient air through the battery, the hearing instrument will malfunction. Be careful of inexpensive batteries as these can greatly affect the sound quality and performance of your hearing aids.

Battery Tips:

–  Store batteries at room temperature

–  Do not store batteries outside of package

–  Once sticker is removed, allow one minute for battery to activate

–  Do not put batteries in Dri-Aid Kit as it will lead to shortened battery life

–   Power down wireless streaming devices to conserve hearing aid battery life

Union Hearing aid Centre carries Rayovac Proline premium zinc air and Power One batteries in all sizes. Our battery stock is fully replenished every 60 days to ensure optimal battery life.

If you cannot remember the size of your battery, try to remember the colour of the battery tab. The colour of the tab corresponds to the size of your battery.

Yellow – #10  Brown – #312  Orange – #13  Blue – #675