Hearing device

At Union Hearing Centre we have long been advocates for the benefits of custom hearing solutions, but after working with a wide variety of patients we realized that there were limitations using ear-mold impressions.

Using the 3D digital ear scanning solution from Otometrics, removes the limitations of the ear-mold impressions, and gives our team at Union Hearing Centre the power to give our patients the optimal personalized hearing solutions that they deserve.

We are proud to be the first hearing clinic in Ontario to offer 3D Digital Ear Scanning to our patients.

Why should I have a 3D ear scan?

  • Union Hearing Centre can scan your ear to customize your device and create a much better, more comfortable fit
  • Once a scan is complete, no more ear-mold impressions are needed when switching or upgrading to another hearing device
  • 3D Digital Ear Scanning is excellent for post-surgical or extremely sensitive ears
  • 9 out of 10 patients prefer scanning to ear-mold impressions