Hearing Aid Evaluations

Through attending various seminars and product demonstrations, our professional staff is able to keep up to date on all of the newest hearing aid technologies. Using this knowledge we are better suited to help patient’s make informed decisions about which hearing device is best for them. During an evaluation, once all of the audiometric information is complied, patients are given options which are best suited for their lifestyle and budget. All products are readily available in the office to compare colours, shapes and sizes.

Other services include: 

– 90 day trial period
– Refund in full within 90 day trial period without restocking fee*
– Tube changes
– Cleanings
– Minor repairs
– Modifications to hearing aids and molds

There are no hidden fees or sales gimmicks and no extra costs such as care packages to buy. Prices are itemized so you know exactly what you are paying for: dispensing fee, impression fee and wholesale cost of listening device(s).

*impressions, molds and hearing tests are non-refundable