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Community Outreach

Union Hearing Aid Centre is very happy to be a part of several events.

Most recently we participated in and had an exhibit at the 50th Anniversary Voice Annual Conference. At our exhibit, we showcased the newest hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies. It was a great experience for us to meet new families, share success stories, learn about new advancements in the industry and connect with familiar families, teachers and professionals.

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We are also very happy to sponsor several sports teams.

Here is a picture of the Olympic Flame soccer team volunteering at our 14th Annual Hear Here Event!

The team entered and won both the Ottawa Kicking in the Capital Tournament in Canada and the International Brockport New York Tournament. Congratulations!



We are also very excited to congratulate Neha Samantha Banerjea. This year, Neha has qualified for the provincial Ontario pageant 2015 and was crowned Miss Teenage Greater Toronto Area where she will then continue onto Nationals in August of 2015. Neha also raised close to $4000.00 for cardiac kids!

Born profoundly deaf in both ears, Neha learned from an early age that many things were to be a challenge, and was even told, in some cases, impossible to do. She decided that she was not going to let this be a barrier, and hopes to inspire other teenagers not to let anything stop them. Today, Neha is in the ALP/IB program at her school, she dances, plays the piano, is training to be a lifeguard, and has a lead role in her school play. By competing in this pageant, she hopes to motivate other young men and women to strive for their dreams, despite any obstacles they might face. Neha emphasizes the importance of loving yourself, and therefore has chosen her platform to be around mental health awareness.  Many people of all ages struggle with their mental health, but often don’t receive the help they need.  She believes that by putting an emphasis on bettering yourself, and loving the person you are, more people will achieve their goals and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

To follow her story, please find her at:

Congratulations Neha!

Official Sunshine Referral Partner Certification Badge Exp 31-01-2024

UHAC is excited to now be an official Sunshine Referral Partner! We look forward to helping the Sunshine Foundation to fulfill dreams for children and youth!